Storage ContainersOur storage containers come in three standard configurations. 20’ containers, 40’ containers and 40’ high cube containers All our steel storage containers are made of rugged 14 gauge steel, have 1 3/8” hardwood floors and have 2 large doors at one end, which provide easy ground level entry and permit storage of large items.  All our portable steel storage containers are secure, lockable, weather resistant and finished in a neutral gray color to blend in with most surroundings.

Industrial and Commercial Applications

If you need additional warehouse space or temporary storage for any purpose, leasing cargo containers is one of the most cost effective storage solutions. Our industrial and commercial clients have ranged from Fortune 500 companies to the single entrepreneur and include a wide variety of manufacturers, wholesalers and warehouse operations.

Retail and Business Applications

Storage ContainersIdeal for storage of excess merchandise or seasonal storage variations. Renting on-site portable storage containers can eliminate the need for leasing expensive commercial storage space and provide the added advantage of having the storage right at your own facility. Many businesses, in addition to leasing storage containers for product or equipment storage, also lease freight containers for record storage.

Contractor Storage

In our nearly 30 years in the portable storage rental business we have provided secure affordable storage solutions for literally thousands of satisfied contractors. Our container storage rental equipment can be seen throughout the Northeast on a multitude of jobsites ranging from the very small to the very large. We presently service the NY Metro area, LI, NJ, CT, RI, Eastern PA and portions of MA and DE.

Residential & Misc

Perfect for home remodeling projects. Renting onsite portable storage containers is definitely cost effective when compared to public storage or other alternatives. In addition, the storage is right at your home, eliminating the need for transporting your belongings to an off-site location. Our 20 foot container is the unit of choice for these applications,  At 149 square feet of floor space this mobile storage unit is small enough not to attract undo attention but large enough for nearly all residential storage jobs.